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A well accomplished writer, P.S. had so many stories to tell, we had to give him his own space. Enjoy this new style of blog meets fiction!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Hypericon blog...

I can honestly say that HyperiCon was one of the greatest weekends of my life- and it was privelage to be there and be a part of it. It was also wonderful that my fifteen year old son came along. As an aspiring artist he was appropiately inspired- and given some sound advice by some accomplished individuals.

Before I go any further I have to say a gargantuan (yes that big-) thank you to Deanna (whos sported the highly fashionable Gifford's Gopher t-shirt.), David, Fred, Steph, Chip, Denyse, and all the staff and all the multitude volunteers at HyperiCon- they did one hell of a job!
.. ..
I was fortunate to sit on three panels over the weekend. The first one was appropriately entitled short and scary. I was honored to be sitting alongside Fran Friel (Someone I have the highest admiration for- and could not have been any nicer.) http://www.franfriel.com/, Bill Snodgrass http://www.billsnodgrass.com/, the wildly entertaining Matt Wallace http://matt-wallace.net/, and moderation duties fell to the genius that is Jason Sizemore- who is perhaps best known for Apex Digest http://apexdigest.livejournal.com/, which is about the coolest zine going today.
.. ..
There are photographs available on the pictures link for those of you with a hankering to see them.
.. ..
I also sat on a British television anonymous pattern with the incredibly knowledgeable and highly congenial David Polk, in addition to the charming Brooke Williams and Jinjifore Cleveland. I can honestly say the heated conversation did not lull for a moment- in particular when the topic of Dr. Who was engaged - and I am sure we could have continued for at least another hour (Or more) at the frantic pace we went at. Most enjoyable indeed! Then afterwards we watched some Blake's 7, The Sweeney and Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected; a rather sublime experience for an English born writer in ....Nashville.....
.. ..
The following day, after a signing session in the dealer's room- which was far more successful that I could have ever dared dream- I raced to my final panel. This time the topic was "Writer's Block." I was joined on the table by the energetic, witty and wickedly talented Shane Moore (You have to check out his link...) http://www.myspace.com/ShaneMoore50 , the intensely terrifying Steven Shrewsbury who will now haunt my nightmares for months to come http://www.stevenshrewsbury.com/ , the captivating CJ Cantrell http://www.myspace.com/CynthiaCantrell_books, and the extraordinarily gifted Julianne Lee http://www.julianneardianlee.com/. As there were five of us on this panel, and I happened to be sitting in the middle, I ended up playing at moderator. This was an incredible honor as I was sitting next to so much talent, and I am hoping that a little of it rubbed off onto me.
.. ..
I also must give a plug to the artists http Billy Tacket://www.billytackett.com/ and Melissa Gay, http://melissagay.com/ and the paranormal team S.E.P.S http://www.sepsparanormal.org/- who are about the coolest ghost hunters I have ever met.
.. ..
I could go on and on about all the incredible entertainment and the constant supply of food in the con suite. But if you were there you already know all this- and if you weren't- I do not want to make you any more jealous that you already must be.
.. ..
.. ..
There you have it, in the proverbial nutshell- I think I have managed to pimp everyone with an equal and fair hand! Seriously though if you missed attending HyperiCon 4, I strongly urge you to try and make it next year. And yes I will be back in ....Nashville.... for it…And I am already crossing off the days of my Stephen King calendar to it.
.. ..


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